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Welcome to Agilent Research Labs' external website! As part of Life Science and Diagnostics, we focus on developing high impact technology that will enable Agilent customers to ask and answer questions never before possible. At approximately 10 percent of Agilent's R&D investment, we complement Agilent's business focused R&D and look beyond the evolution of current products and platforms to identify and de-risk the technologies that will underlie tomorrow's breakthroughs. Our horizon is broad as we identify technology synergies across Agilent and seed adjacent new businesses to create competitive differentiation and compelling value for our current and future customers. To accomplish these goals we attract and retain top technical talent, collaborate extensively with world class research leaders in academia, government research institutes and companies, and continue to nurture a culture of innovation and teamwork across our highly multi-disciplinary engineering, physical science and life science research staff.

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